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Dreaming of financial independence?

Watch this video to learn more about The Daily FinQ and how to get smarter about your money.

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Our Mission

We believe everyone should know the basics of personal finance, investing and borrowing money. So we created a fast, fun, free game to help you improve your knowledge of all things financial.

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Playing the Game

  • You can play The Daily FinQ on your mobile device once you have downloaded and logged into the app.
  • The game can be played twice daily at the time of your choosing with new games posted at approximately 7AM and 7PM EST.
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  • You can accumulate digital points and awards and move up levels by answering questions correctly. If you want to retake a quiz you can do so for a small fee.
  • Your path to financial knowledge and greater wealth starts with The Daily FinQ.
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Play the game on your mobile device or on your laptop.

We have created the web version of the game too so you can play on your mobile device or on your laptop or desktop computer. Whichever way you prefer.